How to Delete Hookup Dating (HUD) Account?

By Abinash | Updated On June 30, 2022 

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With smartphones becoming increasingly popular, people now expect to access everything online from anywhere at any time. Let it be from food, clothes, and now dating and hookups. Technology advancements have made it easier for people to connect and fulfill their bottled desires online. To make the dating and hookup scene known and followed by audiences, many new applications dedicated to those needs are popping into the market day in and out to trap more users for money.

Many offer new and unique ways that promise their users to match a life partner for their desires or even a long-term relationship. Many even provide paid premium memberships for their partner programs to provide better services and features.

What is Hookup and Dating (HUD)?

Hookup dating app (HUD) is an online dating service designed specifically for people who want to meet others casually. It is not intended for serious relationships but for short-term encounters such as one-night stands. The application promises a commitment-free casual dating environment, so like-minded users are attracted to fun and similar lifestyles of their liking. This application serves the advancing and non-traditional teens who want to enjoy online dating and live life to the fullest.

Why should you Delete your Hookup Dating (HUD) Account?

In the online world, there are so many diverse types of apps available for people who want to meet a new date, one-night stands and find romance, etc. One such app is called HUD (Hook-Up Dating). It signifies itself as a “commitment-free dating” portal, but users of the application have claimed to experience nothing but sourness and a feeling of cheating on their promises. The application seems to have been littered with autonomous fake profiles to gain attraction. On top of the app is a total cash grab! It offers two pricey tiers of membership plans, including Premium and Diamond, which guarantee matches and spooking features.

Further, users who have paid for the subscription and later found out after spending that the application did not deliver what was advertised have been a common complaint among consumers since time immemorial. They want their users’ perceptions of them to be different and unique than traditional competitors, but they do not even approach authenticity and realism compared to their competition. Many of their reviews suggest not signing up for the application at all, but in case you signed up, here is why and how to delete your HUD account.

What happens when you Delete your Hookup Dating account?

Once you have deleted your hookup dating account completely, everything associated with it — including your profile photo, details, interests, conversation history, and subscription status — will be permanently erased from our servers.

The application also offers a deactivation state for some time, pause my account feature where your profile will be hidden from other users, and no new matches will occur in the duration.

Note: Accounts once permanently deleted cannot be recovered.

What happens when you unsubscribe from a hookup dating account?

Moreover, the application has two subscription tiers: a premium and a diamond subscription. When you unsubscribe from a premium subscription, you are unable to see information like who liked me, viewed me, and read receipts. In addition, abilities like premium search, free boost, instant chats, instant match, and unlimited likes are locked. As for the un-subscription from a diamond membership, you will lose the ability to create multiple profiles, match with people worldwide, and other premium benefits.

How to delete a Hookup Dating (HUD) Account?

Deletion of hookup dating accounts is a tricky and easy, and straightforward procedure on all platforms. Follow these steps on your platform to permanently delete your hookup dating account.

For Web/ Desktop

contact of HUD

  • On the top right corner, find “Contact” and click to expand

fill details

  • Fill in your account details, i.e., name and email address, and request for deletion
  • Click on “Send” to continue the deletion process

For IOS devices

  • Open the application

Profile of HUD

  • Click on the “Profile” icon on the bar below indicated with a person logo to open the profile screen
  • Next to your profile picture, click on “Settings” indicated with a gear icon

setting of HUD_ios

  • After opening the “Settings” tab, scroll all the down to preview the “Delete My Account” button

delete the account_HID

  • Click on the button to continue

delete HUD account_ios

  • Then, select “Delete My Account”

reason of deletion

  • Choose a reason for deletion

click on next

  • Leave a message and click “Next.”

confirm HUD deletion

  • After that, a confirmation screen will appear

continue the deletion

  • Click on the “Delete My Account” button highlighted in red
  • At last, Confirm your deletion to delete your account permanently

For Android devices

  • Find the HUD app icon and open the HUD application
  • Go to profile by clicking on the “Profile” icon indicated below

setting of HUD_andriod

  • Left to your profile, click on “Settings” indicated with a gear icon to open the profile screen

delete account_android

  • After opening the settings tab, scroll all the down to preview the “Delete My Account” button

continue to delete

  • Now click on “Delete My Account” to continue

reason for HUD deletion

  • Select the reason behind deletion

click delete button

  • Then click on the “Delete My Account” delete button highlighted in red

confirm account deletion

  • A confirmation screen will appear
  • Now confirm your deletion to delete your account permanently

Furthermore, you can also request the support team to delete your account from their servers by emailing them a deletion request at

How to delete your payment option/credit card from your hookup dating account?

In order to delete your payment option from your hookup and dating account, consider following these steps on your corresponding platforms.

For Web/ Desktop

  • Go to their website
  • On the top right corner, find “Contact” and click to expand
  • Fill in your account details, i.e., name and email address, and request to terminate your recurring subscription
  • Then fill the message box with a request to delete your payment procedure
  • Click on “Send” to continue

For Android devices

  • Open the Play-store application
  • Slide to the left side to reveal your profile settings
  • After that, click on your “Profile” to view profile settings
  • Go to the Payment option
  • Then click on “Cancel subscription” of your current hookup dating account

For IOS devices

  • Open the Appstore application
  • On the top right corner, click on your “Profile.”
  • Click on Subscription
  • Then search for HUD application
  • Click on “Cancel Subscription” highlighted in red


If you have any further issues, please consider filling up your query at their website support page available at or mail the customer service team at to know more about their subscription plans or have your payment option deleted automatically from their systems.

How to Stop receiving notifications?

Follow these simple instructions if you want to opt out of receiving any future emails regarding our newsletter subscriptions.

For Web/Desktop

  • Go to their website
  • After that, find the “Contact” button on the top navigation bar
  • Fill up the form to request an un-subscription from their newsletters to stop receiving email notifications.

For Android devices

  • Go to your android device and search for “Phone settings.”
  • Click on “Settings” and search for “Notifications.”
  • Find HUD, then click “Block all notification.

For IOS devices

  • Go to your IOS device and search for the “Settings” icon
  • Click to expand the Settings tab
  • Scroll down to find the “Notification tab.”
  • Then, find HUD application then,
  • Toggle the “Allow notification” button to Off

Note: You can also deliver notifications quietly or set a time for when notifications are sent off to you, exclusive for mobile device users.

Here is everything you need to know about removing your payment details from the Hookup Dating account and deleting your profile completely.

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