How to Delete a Goggle Cloud Account?

By Abinash | Updated On June 29, 2022 

Looking to delete a Goggle Cloud account? Here, we’ll discuss the Goggle Cloud and how to delete your account. Please read the article till the end.

Goggle Cloud owned by Goggle provides cloud services to the users. It allows users to use data and run apps on any cloud or any environment. It is an open cloud solution offering consistency between public and private clouds and enables businesses to modernize and developers to build faster in any environment. Goggle cloud secures users’ applications, data, infrastructure from spam, and fraudulent activities. It also provides advanced security tools and data confidentiality. One of the parts of Goggle Cloud is the Google Cloud Platform which offers a series of modular cloud services including data analytics, data storage, computing, and machine learning. It offers a platform as a service, infrastructure as a service, and serverless computing environments.

delete a cloud account

However, you may want to delete a Goggle Cloud account at some time. There are several reasons for you to delete your account like if you do not want to use Goggle cloud services anymore, or you’re trying to switch to another cloud provider. If you do, refer to the simple steps provided below. So, let’s see what are the steps to delete a cloud account.

How to delete a Goggle Cloud account?

If you’ve signed up for Goggle Cloud using your Goggle user account i.e., Goggle account, then your Cloud Billing account is the same as your Google account. Deleting your billing account will automatically delete all data associated with your Goggle account along with services you use with that account like YouTube, Google Play, and Gmail.

If you like to keep using your other Goggle services, consider deleting your projects and closing your Cloud Billing Account.

1. Close your Cloud Billing Account

Follow these simple steps to delete a Goggle Cloud account.

  1. Sign in to Manage billing accounts.
  2. Then, choose the name of the billing account you want to delete.
  3. Click on Account Management.
  4. Now, tap on Close Billing Account.

2. Delete your Projects

Deleting your projects is another method to delete a Goggle Cloud account. It will not affect any of the Goggle services. After your delete your projects, all billing will be stopped and your Goggle Cloud projects will be closed. All project data associated with Google Cloud and Google APIs services becomes inaccessible.

  1. Open Goggle Cloud Console.
  2. Go to Settings under IAM & Admin.IAM-DELETE A CLOUD ACCOUNT
  3. Click Select a project.
  4. Then, select a project you want to delete and click on Open.
  5. Click on Shut down.
  6. Now, enter the Project ID and click Shut down.

Note: Before closing projects, you can back up any data or applications you want to retain. You can move forward with the deletion process after you’ve successfully protected your data.  

Can you restore a project?

Your project will remain for 30 days after your deletion. You can restore projects within those 30 days period and after that, it will be unrecoverable. After you restore the project, it returns to its initial state, i.e., the state before it was closed.

  1. Open Manage resources in the Goggle Cloud Console.
  2. Select your organization in the Project picker.
  3. From the list of organizations, folders, and projects, tap on Resources pending deletion.
  4. Now, tick on the box of the project you want to restore and click on Restore.
  5. Confirm your restoration process.

Thus, we hope that the above steps have helped you to delete a Goggle Cloud account and follow the instructions carefully.

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