How to Delete Blogs on BlogSpot Permanently?

By Abinash | Updated On June 30, 2022 

Looking for ways to delete blogs on BlogSpot permanently? Here, this article will give you some best ways to do so.

BlogSpot or Blogger platform is for people who want to start blogging and share their thoughts. It was launched in 1999 by Pyra Labs, which was later acquired by Goggle in 2003. So, Goggle hosts the blogs on blogger with a default Blogspot domain, as a blogger is a free publishing platform and BlogSpot is a free domain service provider. Users are allowed to create a number of blogs as much as they want.

If you have old blogs or got tired of writing blogs, I think it’s time to delete those blogs. But before doing so, check whether your blog has visitors or not, or is traffic still coming? If not, you can proceed to delete the blogs.

Back-Up the Blogs

Before you delete your blogs, it’s good to keep their backup.

  1. Go to the admin page of
  2. Then, click the down arrow in the top left to view the menu.
  3. Select the names of blogs you want to Archive.
  4. Again, go to Settings from the left menu and then Other.
  5. Find the Import and backup section and click on Backup Content.
  6. Then, press Save on your Computer.

Delete Blog in BlogSpot

Here are some ways to delete blogs on BlogSpot.

  1. At first, log into BlogSpot using a Goggle account.
  2. Go to Settings> Other.
  3. Find the Delete Blog section and then click on Delete blog.delete blogs on blogspot
  4. You can export the blog by clicking on Download Blog. But, if you do not want that, then proceed to the next step.
  5. A screen will appear to confirm the process. Click on Delete This on delete blog on blogspot

Note: The deleted blogs cannot be accessed by visitors. If you want to restore that blog, you can do so before 90 days. After that, they will be permanently removed.

Recover Deleted Blogs on BlogSpot

Well, it is very easy to delete the blogs on BlogSpot. Likewise, those deleted blogs can be restored very quickly. However, you can do it only before 90 days as it will be permanently deleted after that.

  1. Go to and as above step click the down arrow on the top left side.
  2. In the Deleted blogs section, you will find recently deleted blogs.
  3. Select the blogs you want to restore and click Undelete button.

undelete the blog

This process will help you to restore deleted blogs on BlogSpot.

Delete Blogs on BlogSpot Permanently

If you want to delete the blog on BlogSpot permanently, don’t wait for 90 days to complete it. After the above steps, follow the instructions given below:

  1. Go to the down arrow at the top left as above.
  2. Proceed to the Deleted blog section and find the recently deleted blogs.
  3. Then, click Permanently Delete.permanently delete blogger

Note: Once you’ve permanently deleted the blogs, their URL cannot be used again.

You should check your blogs before permanently deleting them because there might be some visitors. If there are no visitors and you are sure to delete blogs on Blogspot, refer to the above steps. Thus, we hope this article was helpful.

Abinash writes mostly on tech content.