How to Delete Comments in Word?

By Abinash | Updated On July 1, 2022 

The comments feature in Microsoft Word is a great way of dropping opinions and feedback on specific parts of the document. However, if you want to delete a specific comment or all comments on the document, we’ve got your back. Here, we will guide you to delete comments in Microsoft Word. 

How to remove a comment in Word?

  1. Open the Word document with comments.
  2. Click on Review at the top menu bar.
    Click on Review
  3. Click on Show Comments inside the Comments section.
    Click on Show Comments
  4. Right-click on the comment you want to remove.
    Right click on the comment
  5. Select Delete comment in the popup menu.
    Click on Delete Comment


How to delete all comments in Word?

  1. Open a document with comments. 
  2. Click on the Review tab at the top.
    Click on Review
  3. In the Comments section, click on the Delete option.
    click on Delete dropdown menu
  4. Click on Delete All Comments in Document.
    Select Delete All Comments in Word

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