How to Delete your EA Origin Account?

By Abinash | Updated On November 4, 2022 

Deleting your EA Origin account is a little bit of a hassle, as there’s no option to close your account on the site. You have to reach out to EA Customer Support to request to delete your EA Origin account. Here, we will show you two ways to request your account closure. 

Here is a video on how to delete an origin account.


Chatting with EA Customer Support Agent 

  1. Go to and log in to your account.
    Sign in to EA
  2. Now, visit the Contact Us page. 
  3. Click on the photo with the Origin logo.
    Click on Origin
  4. Choose your platform, PC or Mac.
    Selec PC or Mac
  5. Select Manage my account in Select topic*.
    Select Manage my account
  6. Under Select Issue*, choose Delete account.
    Choose Delete account
  7. Now, click on the Select contact option button.
    Click Select contact option
  8. In the subject field, type “REQUEST FOR ACCOUNT DELETION” and click on the Request live chat button.
    Confirm Account Closure
  9. A conversation will popup, and you’ll be connected with an agent.
    Chat With Agent
  10. Tell the agent that you want to close your account, and he/she will help you delete your account. 

Contacting EA Customer Support

You can also contact EA Customer support at +80 037 347 3 and request to delete your account. They are available from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM, UTC, from Monday to Saturday. 

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What happens when you close your EA Origin account?

  • All your personal data will be permanently deleted along with your account. 
  • You won’t have access to purchased games, subscriptions, and in-game purchases. 
  • You won’t receive transactional or marketing emails from EA. 
  • You are not allowed to transfer your games, information, or data to a new account. 

How to cancel EA Origin membership?

Cancel your membership before deleting the EA origin account. Remember that your membership will last until your Membership Expiration Date. Before then, you’ll still be able to use all the features that come with your Origin Access Membership

  1. Log in to your Origin account.
  2. In the bottom left-hand corner, hover over your EA ID.
  3. Then, tap on EA Account and Billing.
  4. Select Origin Access.
  5. Under Membership Information, select Cancel Membership.
  6. Select Continue.

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  1. Hi. I just posted a comment about wanting to delete my account – and the problems I am having doing so – but it no longer appears here. What I need to understand is why, after following all the instructions you have provided above, the popup does not appear as you say will happen in step 9?

  2. I’ve tried this twice and the popup never appears. All I see is an eternally spinning “I’m working on it” wheel. I’ve stayed on the page for a good half hour with no response, no change.


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