How to Delete Games on Facebook?

By Abinash | Updated On June 29, 2022 

Are you thinking of deleting games on Facebook? Well, sometimes you may be too addicted to Facebook games. So, don’t worry about that, we are here to help you. You can find steps to delete games on Facebook in this article.

Obviously, I think you’re familiar with Facebook. Well, who isn’t, right? Facebook is an online social media and networking service where users are allowed to chat, make voice, and video calls, share content with their friends, and many more. Similarly, one of the other features is instant games. This allows users to play different games along with socialize themselves. It might be helpful when you need a break from your work or study, but is making users way too engaging.

If you want to delete games on Facebook, try following the steps mentioned below. At first, you might want to know what will be the consequences of your action. Then, keep reading till the end.

What Happens when you Delete Games From Facebook?

If you delete or block any games or apps from the App Center or app settings, they’ll not have access to your information. Here the important thing is whether you’ve given your email address or not. If you’ve shared your email, they can still send you emails even if you delete the game which might be quite irritating. So, try to view details of what information you’re sharing when you add games or apps.

How to Delete Games on Facebook?

If you’ve made up your mind to delete games from Facebook, you should move forward. There might be various reasons for you to delete games. Like you might get very addicted once you start to play or if you do not want to play that game anymore. You can easily delete the games from there. So, follow these steps. There are two methods to delete, i.e., from the games section of Facebook and from account settings.

Delete Games on Facebook From the Settings

  1. Open Facebook.
  2. Click on the dropdown menu at the top-right corner.
  3. Then, tap on Settings & Privacy.settings & privacy-delete games on facebook
  4. Click on Settings and tap on Apps and Websites.setting-delete games on facebook
  5. You’ll see a list of games. Choose the game you want to delete.
  6. Now, click on Remove to delete that game from your Facebook account.apps and website

Delete Games on Facebook From Game Section

  1. Launch Facebook on your computer.
  2. Choose Games from your left side games on facebook
  3. Then, tap on Your Games.your games
  4. Now, click on the wheel icon or Settings at the bottom of the game you want to remove.settings
  5. Scroll down and click on Remove under Remove This App.
  6. A screen will pop up confirming to delete the games. Click on Remove.confirm remove

Note: The above-mentioned message will ask if you want to delete the posts, videos, or events that the game you want to delete had posted on your timeline. You have to tick on the checkbox if you want to delete them. Finally, you’ll be able to delete games on Facebook. 

Can we Reinstall the Game on Facebook?

Yes, you can reinstall the deleted games on Facebook easily. Your game data will be removed once you delete your game. But no worries, you can restart the game by adding them again. You can type the game names in Facebook’s search bar and go to Find Games or you can visit the game’s official Facebook page. Moreover, Facebook will automatically add that game to your account once you start to play it. After that, you can view the game on Your Games in the Games section.

However, Facebook games might be good to spend your leisure time and want to refresh yourself. But it can be too addictive and you might want to hang up on your phone all the time, affecting your work and health. So, try the above steps to delete games on Facebook. We hope this article was helpful to you till the end.

Abinash writes mostly on tech content.