How to Delete the AfroRomance Account?

By Abinash | Updated On June 29, 2022 

Are you tired of using AfroRomance already? Do you want to delete the account? Well, you don’t have to worry! We are here to guide you with this article. Continue to read till the end to know how to delete the AfroRomance account.

Afroromance is an interracial dating service platform that is dedicated to those seeking real love interracially. It allows singles complete control of their love life; from the age and race of the person, they’d like to date. AfroRomance is a dating service more centered on finding love beyond race. For users who’re interested in finding love outside the city, or country, this dating site will help you. From New York, Washington, Chicago, and LA (America) and Toronto (Canada) and all the way to Melbourne (Australia), you can find a large number of international interracial singles with AfroRomance. AfroRomance lets its users create profiles, upload pictures, search other members’ profiles, send messages and mail to other members, and can able to chat via messenger.

delete the afroromance account

Besides, some users want to get rid of their accounts. You may also want to delete the AfroRomance account after some time due to several reasons. It can be if you are not satisfied with this dating site, if you’ve found your partner and don’t want to keep your account, or if you want to try another alternative site. Whatever your reason may be we’re here to help you. Keep following this article.

Now, let’s get to know some methods to delete the AfroRomnace account in the next topic.

How to delete the AfroRomance Account?

Before you delete or deactivate your account, be sure about it as your account may not be restored and you may not enjoy its services anymore. For now, there is only one method to delete the AfroRomance account. Please follow the step below:

  1. Go to the AfroRomance website and log in with your account.
  2. Click on My Account on the top right navigation.
  3. Then, click on Profile on the My Account page.
  4. Now, click the Close My Account button.
  5. Now select any reason for deleting your account in the drop-down list.
  6. Click on Continue to delete your account.

Note: Congratulations!! Now your account will be deleted permanently along with your data.

Why should you delete the AfroRomance Account?

Although AfroRomance can help you to find your love beyond race, it can be unsafe. Because it contains many people you don’t know who might have some bad intentions. Other than this, safety is not guaranteed as many accounts are unverified, thus making these dating sites eligible for scammers and frauds. Moreover, the payment methods are anonymous. There are many similar types of sites that may provide you with better services. If you’re concerned about these things, delete the AfroRomance account as soon as possible.

How to cancel AfroRomance Subscription?

You should cancel your AfroRomance subscription before you delete your account as the website does the autorenewal after the expiry of the current package. So, they’ll be charging you even if you removed your account. You can opt-out of the automatic renewal within 7 days. You can cancel subscriptions from your profile settings. Likewise, you can send an email and request them to cancel your AfroRomance subscription, or you can contact customer support regarding this matter.

Can we get a Refund?

Definitely! You can get a refund and usually, they’ll give you the full amount. AfroRomance provides a unique opportunity to get your money back if something goes wrong.  You’ll get 3 monthly money-back guarantee for 3- and 6-month subscriptions. If you haven’t found your partner or you are not satisfied with the AfroRomance service, you can request a refund during this time. Refunds are available if you subscribed for the first time and only after three months.

We hope this article has helped you to know how to delete the AfroRomance account permanently and how to cancel the subscription. Thank you for reading till the end.

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