How to Delete the Weebly Account?

By Abinash | Updated On June 29, 2022 

Tired of using a Weebly account? Do you want to remove it? Here, we’ll provide some methods to do so. Keep reading this article till the end to know how to delete the Weebly account.

Weebly is a San Francisco-based web hosting service. It helps users to create their website with the simple widget-based site builder that operates in the web browser. The android and iPhone apps let users update their blog posts, monitor website traffic statistics, add or update products for e-commerce users, and respond to comments. Weebly is available in 15 different languages. You can choose to incorporate advertisements on their sites and track visitor statistics via an in-house tracking tool or Goggle Analytics.

With all these features available, if you still want to delete your Weebly account, then you should proceed to the following topics. Let’s get on to know how can you delete the Weebly account.

delete the weebly account

Why delete the Weebly account?

So, what is your main reason to delete your Weebly account? Well, there may be several reasons for that. One of its reasons is censorship. Weebly applies censorship to a wide selection of geo-blocked countries. It restricts users to access the site from their region. As per the Weebly support forum, the list of blocked countries is a secret. This restriction compels users to shift towards other sites even if they want to use them. Not only this, there are many other similar types of services on market with advanced features.

How to delete the Weebly Account?

Weebly is easy to use but control interfaces are not good as their competitors. Also, if you want to try other alternatives, it is probably a good idea to delete your Weebly account. Deleting your Weebly account is fast and easier than you think. You can try two methods either via website or email.

Delete the Weebly account through the Website

Deleting the Weebly account from its website is too easy and simple. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Visit the Weebly website and log in to your account.
  2. Tap on your name and click on Account from the drop-down menu.
  3. Then, click on the Permanently delete your Weebly account button.
  4. A confirmation box will appear. You can give feedback and click on the Confirm button at the top.

Note: If you want to be updated about Weebly’s future improvements, then label the checkbox. But, leave it unchecked if you do not want any notification from Weebly.

Delete the Weebly account through Email

You can delete the Weebly accounts by requesting them via email

  1. Open your email account associated with Weebly.
  2. Compose an email and enter the email address
  3. Type REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT in the Subject section.
  4. Now, write an email requesting them to delete your account from their database, and wipe all your information.

How to Deactivate and Cancel Weebly Account?

If you do not want to delete the Weebly account, you can just want to deactivate and cancel your Weebly account. The deactivation process is also easy as deleting your account.

  1. Go to your Weebly account.
  2. Click on Manage Account from the Account page.
  3. Now, click on Deactivate My Account button.deactivate the weebly account
  4. A confirmation page will appear. Click on Deactivate from the top right.confirm weebly deactivation

Note: If you deactivate your account, your paid services will get canceled, and suspend your account until you activate it.

What happens when you deactivate your Weebly account?

Deactivating your account will not permanently remove your data from their database. It will only cancel your active services and unpublish all sites. To completely remove your data, you can consider deleting your Weebly account. The other method is to go to the My data tab on your account page and choose Erase Data & Forget Me option. If you want a refund of unused service, you can contact Customer Success within 30 days of purchase.

How to Reactivate Weebly Account?

If you want to reactivate your account, contact Weebly’s customer support team. There are three methods for this, sending a support ticket, message in community forums, and calling them. You can try sending a help ticket for chat support or email. At first, log into your account > Click on your Name > Select Support from the menu > Click on Contact Us Or Email Us. Now, click on the box saying ‘How Can We Help?’ type your query and click on Continue. A list of articles will appear and if you do not find your answer, try clicking on I Still Need Help and contact Customer support.

You can visit Weebly Community and ask for help with rebooting your account. You can also reach them by calling on the toll-free number in the US at 1-844-4-WEEBLY (1-844-493-3259).

Hence, you can refer to the above methods to deactivate or delete the Weebly account. We hope this article has helped you so far.

Abinash writes mostly on tech content.