How to Delete Mingle2 Account?

By Abinash | Updated On June 30, 2022 

Hello there, are you looking for a way to delete your mingle2 account, look no further because this article will help you do so in just a few simple steps?

What is Mingle2?

Mingle2, recently known as JustSayHi, is an online dating service website. Online dating service is a platform where people can find and meet other people. It allows people to connect with each other and also find new people.

Mingle2 provides a much-needed service of providing a platform for finding and meeting like-minded people. Mingle2’s website is also completely free.

Dating can get quite frustrating sometimes and meeting new people can be difficult, especially during these times due to Covid. Mingle2 is here to solve that problem for you. It has all the basic features that are necessary for a dating app and more.

How does Mingle2 work?

If two users have a mutual match, then their identities are revealed and they can use the instant message feature to send each other messages and find them in their match list. To find a mutual match the users also need to be compatible matches and both of the users need to match in order to have a mutual match.

It also has features like friend requests, instant messaging, and advanced search options, and people can even optimize their user profiles and upload their photos to use as their profile pictures. People of all sexual orientations can be found in the application. It even has a mobile version.

Registration for mingle2 can be done easily and is a piece of cake, it is a 30-Second-long process. You also don’t need to take any pesky personality tests. People usually use their real names and you may want to avoid uploading any inappropriate photos as your profile pic. Everyone in the app is a potential match, so you need to update your profile because when you first set up your account it looks like a very basic profile. This will also show an increase in profile views.

What happens when you delete your account?

When you take the steps to delete your account, you’ll lose your matches, messages, and other information associated with your account.

Also, unlike other websites, you won’t be able to recover your account after the deletion of your account. So, rethinking this decision is important.

Why should you Delete your Mingle2 Account?

Things change, people change, and most importantly opinions change. You may have started your journey on mingle2 as a happy customer but perhaps after a bad experience, your opinions changed. There may be various reasons why you may choose to delete your account because dating sites like mingle2 can be quite frustrating at times. You encounter a fake user or a fake profile from time to time or sometimes get catfished and sometimes people are just looking for a way to advertise their profiles, businesses, and display ads. Although verification is done to avoid fake profiles, there are still some people that circumvent the verification and create a fake profile.

Or maybe you’re just tired of all the casual relationships because nowadays people don’t expect long-term relationships from an online dating platform. Dating websites are usually synonymous with hookups and casual relationships. You may also have heard some bad mingle2 reviews due to which you want to delete your account or had a bad dating experience.

Steps to Delete Mingle2 Account

There are two ways through which you can delete your mingle2 account. They are listed below

1. Deleting your account through their official site

  • Step 1: Open the Mingle2 website and log in using your email address and password
login mingle2 account
  • Step 2: After logging into the website open your user profile by clicking on your profile photo at the top right section of the page. A drop-down menu will be displayed.
mingle2 profile
  • Step 3: Click on settings

  • Step 4: On the settings page, click on the link DEACTIVATE PROFILE. A pop-up should be displayed on the browser asking are you sure you want to deactivate your profile.
deactivate account
  • Step 5: click on the OK button to continue the process.
Click ok to deactivate mingle2 account
  • Step 6: You will be redirected to a new page, enter the reason for the deletion of your profile and then click on the continue button to permanently deactivate your profile.
Click on continue to deactivate
  • Step 7: A message will pop up, “Your account has been deactivated” and a link will be given if you want to reactivate the account.
complete deactivate account

2. Deleting your account by sending an email

  • Step 1: Open your browser and Log in to the account that is registered with the Mingle2 account using your Email. Make sure to use a valid Email.
  • Step 2: Then, Compose a new email and insert the email address
  • Step 3: Type “Request to Delete My Account” on the Subject field to make a deletion request.
  • Step 4: Write an email to the support team to request account deletion. The following format below is recommended:

Sample Letter 

Dear Mingle2 Team,

I would like to request to delete an account that I have registered in your system with the name [Insert Name] And the email associated with the account is [ Insert Valid Email]

Since I will not be using your system, I would also like to kindly request you to delete my login credentials and all my information from your database.



Your Name.

Correct Email address:

Phone Number:

Delete – Mingle2 Account

Mingle2 may contact you to confirm the deletion of your account and may ask for reasons you want to quit the app before deleting your account. After your account has been deleted, you may be alerted with an email saying your account was deleted.

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