How to Delete ONE Night Hook-Up and Dating Account?

By Abinash | Updated On June 30, 2022 

TL;DR: You will be able to delete ONE Night Hook-Up and Dating account quickly with this tutorial.

Are we trying to get lucky? All of us have been there at some point, haven’t we? Sometimes casual dating just does not cut it. Casual dating has a long way to turn into anything close to an intimate relationship. Casual dates and long-term relationships are now things of yesteryears. We all know intimacy is one of the basic needs of humans. Research shows intimacy is the factor in building a better relationship. Nonverbal communication helps increase understanding between people who might eventually become friends or lovers.

Intimacy is a natural process that has evolved around and with humans since existence. So, it is only fair that the process of intimacy and how and where people get intimate change as well. As we move forward into an era where everyone has access to the internet, and most people use their phones for almost anything they need to accomplish, online dating sites have evolved from their beginnings into something far more sophisticated than just meeting people for sex. Now people can find out if they want someone without asking for their number first. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, applications designed for these platforms have become extremely popular among consumers.

Developers of these applications solely marked as an app for dating have created a space where like-minded individuals can complete all their desires with someone who has a similar interest. Users may be willing to spend huge amounts of cash for an app that lets them find someone who shares their interests, but there are always caveats involved. However, the ever-increasing use of mobile devices and the internet has created an immense demand for casual dating and one-night hookup applications all over.

What are the ONE Night Hook-Up and Dating app?

An upcoming mobile dating application called “One Night Dating” has promised to provide its users with a platform to meet their partners without any strings attached. One Night application, a no-string-attached dating and chat application, provides a platform for intimacy seekers to preview themselves with self-created profiles. Other users can start or skip conversations by liking them or disliking them. The discussion is not monitored so that any adult chat can be done within the app premises. The ability to handpick who gets lucky and who is made lucky is something totally out of reality a few years back. The new digital era and generation are the target audience for this application who want to live like there is no tomorrow.

Why should you delete your ONE Night Hook Up and Dating account?

While everything about one-night dating and hookup applications seems good and positive on the outside, many users do not know the underlying fact that the application is a total scam at best. The ridiculous price tag for the monthly service is a big warning sign on top of users claiming to have encountered many fake profiles. In addition to failing to verify photos, the company’s verification system could not distinguish between real and fake images either. Furthermore, the application is poorly built and littered with advertisements as soon as you open it.

In addition, the monthly subscriptions offer no real value for the price they charge. Reviews state that they had the same experience regardless of the subscription. The application also requires very confidential user information and access to the gallery and microphone, which is questionable as the application does not offer any audio conversation capability.

I strongly advise you not to be a victim of this application. There are better alternatives with more authentic people and a secure place to have a decent experience.

What happens when you delete your ONE Night Hookup and Dating account?

Once you’ve made up your mind and decided to delete your one-night hookup app, any data stored within the application will be permanently removed from its servers. Your profile photo, profile details, match results, and conversations are deleted from their server. In addition, if you use your social media sign-up, the application will no longer have access to your social media data.

Note: Deleted accounts cannot be recovered even if connected through social media logins.

What happens when you unsubscribe from a ONE Night Hookup and Dating account?

When you unsubscribe from their premium membership plan, your account will continue running with basic membership features; however, multiple previously accessed premium features will be locked away. In addition, chat features like quick chat and other features like showing who liked me, quick conversation, change location, and unlimited swipes will be disabled. The support from the application will also result in slower response as they prioritize users who have a premium active subscription period.

How to delete a ONE Night Hookup and Dating account?

To permanently delete your One Night Hook-Up and Dating account, please follow these steps on the platform you desire

Delete ONE Night Hook-Up Account From Web/Desktop

Although One Night Hookup is an application only available for mobile devices, i.e., Android and IOS devices, you can email the developer team at to issue a deletion request. The developer team will automatically remove your account and details from their servers.

Delete ONE Night Hook-Up Account From Android devices

  • Open your One Night Hook-Up and Dating application.

user icon

  • On the top right corner, find the “User” icon.

Profile of one-night hookup account

  • Click on the “User” icon.
  • Now click on the “Settings” indicated by a gear icon.


  • Now at the end of the list “Delete Account” button will appear.
  • Click on the button.

delete the account

  • Then click “Delete” on the confirmation screen.

3. For IOS devices

  • Search and open the One Night Hook-Up and Dating application.
  • On the bottom right corner, click on the icon “Me” indicated by a user.Me icon_ios users
  • Scroll down to view the “Set up” tab.
  • Click to Proceed.
  • Now head over to “Account & Security.”account and security
  • Choose the “Delete Your Account” option.delete one-night hookup account
  • Pick the reason behind the deletion.reason for deletion of one night app
  • Click on “Yes” to continue the deletion process.confirm to delete one night app
  • Your account is successfully deleted; however, some data will remain there temporarily for 72 hours.successful deactivation

How to delete your payment option/credit card from your ONE Night Hookup and Dating account?

To remove your payment option from your One Night Hookup account, consider following these steps on your corresponding platform

1. For Web/Desktop

One can request at their email address to remove the payment system from their end.


If the payment was made via the debit or credit card payment option, you can call your bank provider to cancel the current payment and disallow further payment requests. In the case of digital payment methods like PayPal or Skrill, you can view cancel or block One Night Hookup and Dating to charge your account from account settings.

2. For Android Devices

  • Search and open the Play-Store application
  • Slide to the left corner to reveal your Profile settings panel
  • Click on your “Profile” to view profile settings and payment information
  • Go to the payment option of your account
  • Then click on “Cancel subscription” of your current One Night Hookup and Dating account

Note: If you have any issues regarding the unknowing charges of future subscriptions and removing payment method, contact google play support at (855) 466-4438 or to submit a form explaining your issue.

3. For IOS devices

  • Search and open the Appstore application from the search bar
  • On the top right corner of your screen, click on your “Profile,” which includes your profile in a circular frame
  • Now click on the “Subscription” button
  • Now Search for One Night Hookup and Dating
  • Click on the “Cancel Subscription” button highlighted in red


You can also view and delete your payment option through the One Night Hookup and Dating application itself.

  • Go to the application user Profile
  • Click on “Set Up”
  • Click on “Subscription”
  • You can then view and Cancel your current subscription
  • Then remove the attached Payment methods

Note: If you have any trouble, contact apple support at or (800)-275-2273 for further information assistance.

How to Stop receiving notifications?

Please consider following these steps for your designated platforms to stop receiving notifications on your mobile devices.

1. For Android Devices

  • Go to your android device and search for the “Phone settings” app icon.
  • Click on “Phone settings.”
  • Search for the “Notification” tab
  • Then find One Night Hookup and Dating, then click “Block all notification.”

2. For IOS devices

  • On your IOS devices, search for a “Settings” application indicated by a gear icon.
  • Click to expand the Settings.
  • Scroll down to find the “Notification tab.”
  • Find the One Night Hookup and Dating application then,
  • Toggle the “Allow notification” button to Off.

Note: To unsubscribe from the One Night Hookup and Dating newsletter email, you can email their support team at to remove your account from their servers.

Thus, here is everything you need to delete ONE Night Hookup and Dating account.

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