How to Delete Bigo Live Account?

By Abinash | Updated On June 30, 2022 

Are you tired of using Bigo Live account and want to take a break or delete the account? If so, then this article will guide you to delete Bigo live account.

Bigo Live is one of the popular live-streaming platforms to connect people in a healthy, positive, and creative way. It is a free app and allows users to make live streams, and videos of their activities, and while playing video games, anytime from anywhere. Along with this, users can receive comments for live streams and can search for close users. Moreover, Bigo Live allows real-time chatting for users. This app is mainly used by gamers, aspiring artists, and vloggers, and requires a minimum age of 16 to set up its account.

Well, then let’s move to the ways to delete the Bigo live account. Before that, you should know what happens when you delete your Bigo live account.

What Happens when you Delete Bigo Live Account?

Are you sure you want to delete your account? Then, know what happens exactly if you do so. Following your deletion, you won’t be able to log in, use, reactive, or restore that account. You might have purchased some items while you were using the account, or there may be payments pending from your live streams. However, after deleting your account, you won’t have access to get a refund, or get payments. Further, your videos, photos, profile, messages, comments, gifts, props, shares, visual currency, followers, levels, privileges, along other digital contents will be removed permanently and hence cannot be restored.

So, make sure you want to delete Bigo live account permanently.

Ways to Delete Bigo Live Account Permanently

The process of deleting the Bigo account is very easy. There are two ways and you can choose any of them. They are: Delete your account from a mobile phone or via requesting the deletion. After your request, Bigo Live will consider the request and delete your account within 20 days. Within this day, if you change your mind and want to restore your account, you can restore it.

1. Delete Bigo Live Account through an App

  1. Open your Bigo Live app.
  2. Go to the account icon and click on it to see more options.
  3. Click on Help & & feedbackSource:
  4. A list of options will appear. There, click on Accounts.reason to delete Bigo live accountSource:
  5. After that, find out How to delete my Bigo account? And click on it.
  6. Click on I want to delete my account. confirm delete Bigo Live accountSource:
  7. At last, enter your password to verify.

2. Delete Bigo Live Account by Requesting them

You can delete your account by simply requesting them. Follow these steps to do that.

  1. First of all, sign in to your Bigo live account and go to Account Settings.
  2. Check for Account Management and click it.
  3. Look into the Account Ownership section and click on Delete Account.
  4. Enter the password and go to next.
  5. Now click Confirm and then Continue.
  6. Then, click on Delete Account.
  7. Read the affirmation of deletion and again click on Delete Account.
  8. A message will appear, “your account deleted permanently”, then you will be logged out from your account automatically.

How to Restore Bigo Live Account?

You can easily restore your deleted account within 20 days. You just have to log into your account with your login details and there you are! You can again use your account and enjoy making live streams and videos.

Therefore, you should be sure before you delete your Bigo live account. This article is all about deleting Bigo Live account. We hope that it helped you till the end.


1. Who is the owner of Bigo Live?

Bigo Live is owned by Singapore- based BIGO Technology. It was established by David Li and Jason Hu in 2016. Later in 2019, It was acquired by a Chinese organization listed on NASDAQ called Joyy.

2. Why delete the Bigo Live account?

Bigo Live allows users to make videos, and live stream. And some users may create awful, violent, nudity, and bad language in their content. Also, users use explicit, predatory comments. This can make a bad impact on kids. Likewise, gamification systems like rams, levels, and awards can lead to addiction. And sharing personal information with others can put them in danger.

3. What are the things to consider before deleting the account?

Before deleting your Bigo Live account, you should deactivate some of the things. They are:

  • Delete the posts: Look for your posts and delete them before you delete your account permanently.
  • Turn off the app notifications: Go to the notification where you will see many options. Then, turn off their notifications.
  • Deactivate your privacy: Go to settings and then click on privacy. There might be some options you activated. Now deactivate them.
  • Sign out from your app: Go back and click on the log-out button. You will be logged out and after that delete the app from your device.

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